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Golf Cart Seat Cover Flamingo

  • $39.99
  • $59.00

Fun and Bright our golf cart seat covers will be fun to use on your golf cart seat in hot or cold weather. Fits all single front bench cart seats. 

Easy to use -Attach over arm rests, flatten evenly on seat, lift back of seat and tuck back edge of cover under the seat to keep in place. Drop seat back down and enjoy! 

New features to our already great seat cover include:  

  • A new heavier fabric with trimmed edges
  • An elastic strap to pull over the gear box on cart front to help keep cover flat on seat.

The cover is made using a "soft to the touch" 100 % Microfiber fabric that wicks moisture and keeps you dry in the summer and comfy on the seat in the winter. 

Prewash before use. Machine wash cold water, tumble dry. Dim: 29"x 53"

**This print is on sale because the fabric has a natural nap and the dark royal blue print when it is brushed to the opposite direction may give way to a bit of white flecking which can look like lint on the fabric. The more you wash the cover the better it looks as it fluffs up after drying.