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The Birdie Balou Golf Cart Seat Covers will be your new favorite accessory.  They fit all single front bench cart seats. The golf cart seat covers provide a layer of defense for golf cart seats, protecting them from dirt, dust, sweat, and food. Easy to clean and travel-friendly.

The golf cart seat covers are made using a "soft to the touch" microfiber fabric that wicks moisture and keeps you dry in the summer and warm and comfy in the winter. No more scorching your back end on the hot plastic in the summer heat.  Our golf cart seat covers clean up and travel well making them easy to take on golf trips! 

 We added new features to our already great covers that include:  
  • New heavier fabric with trimmed edges
  • An elastic strap to pull over the gearbox on the cart front to help keep the cover flat on the seat.
Our Golf Cart Seat Covers can be ordered in your color of choice with your company or event logo on the side.
Let us help you promote your brand at special events, tournaments, and in Pro Shops. Let us help you create a memorable and professional image on the golf course.

Golf Cart Seat Covers

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